50 favorite rooms by Frank Lloyd Wright

Код в каталоге: № 13396

Издательство: Smithmark
Год выпуска:
Состояние: Отличное
Место издания: Washington
Количество страниц: 128
Переплет: Твердый. Суперобложка
Формат: Энциклопедический
ISBN: 0-7651-0839-9
Описание книги

Maddex Diane 50 favorite rooms by Frank Lloyd Wright

тhis is the only book to bring together the best-loved rooms of Frank Lloyd Wright, the world's noted and America's most popular architect. From houses and public buildings across the country, glorious living rooms, dining rooms, nooks, and spacious halls have been gathered together to show both Wright's immense talent and detailed decorative sense. The elegant color photographs show why Wright is so loved, with cameos of the furniture, lighting, carpets, fabrics, stained glass, china and fireplaces that were all part of his integral design of a house. An illustrated introductory section provides an explanation of the architect's approach, and the rest of the book presents portraits of fifty distinct rooms with profiles of each. They appear in the order in which Wright designed them, so that his evolution is revealed. The reader, in turn, will have been on a supreme and evocative journey through Wright's career.

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